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Conferences on Visual perception and visual arts

Friday, August 27th, 2010
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Dear colleagues,
In the week of November 23 – 26, 2010, two exciting conferences under the general umbrella of “arts and sciences” will take place at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB, Palace of the Academies, Brussels).
The first (Nov 23-24) is an initiative of Johan Wagemans and will be on “Visual perception and visual arts”, with contributions from experimental psycho-aesthetics, experimental psychology, vision sciences, and visual arts. Confirmed speakers include: Dorothee Augustin, Claus-Christian Carbon, James Cutting, Peter De Graef, Sharon Gershoni, Alan Gilchrist, Alumit Ishai, Michael Kubovy, Paul Locher, Ruth Loos, Pascal Mamassian, Slobodan Markovic, Chris McManus, Wendy Morris, Baingio Pinna, etc.
More information on this conference can be found on
In addition to our invited speakers, we would also like to invite abstracts for posters and talks relevant to the theme of this conference. Talks will be allocated between 15 and 30 minute presentations. If you would like to submit an abstract please email stephanie.poot/at/ before September 17.
Attendance will be limited to max. 75 places each day. Lectures are free but we will ask for a minimal registration (~20 euros per day) to cover basic coffee, tea and lunch costs. To request a place email stephanie.poot/at/ Participants who wish to attend only one of the two days are also welcome.
The second (Nov 25-26) is an initiative of Marc De Mey to celebrate 10 years of Flemish Academic Centre (VLAC) and will be on “Vision and material: Interaction between art and science in Jan Van Eyck’s time”. The focus will be on art history but there will also be a session with a more vision-oriented focus (with contributions from Michael Kubovy, Alan Gilchrist, Jan Koenderink, and Ingrid Daubechies).
More information on this conference can be found on
Submission of contributions is no longer possible but registration is still possible.
M. Dorothee Augustin
Johan Wagemans
P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to potentially interested colleagues.
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