VIPP symposium 2010: Seeing Red, second day 14.1.2010

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09.30-10.00 Opening: Antti Raike

10.00-10.30 Markku Reunanen: Subcultural visual practices

The presentation deals with the visual language of the underground community known as the demoscene. Starting from the 1980s the scene has reflected the technology, society and popular culture of its time. The developments have all contributed to the audiovisual artifacts produced by the community, and here we will look into some of those factors.

10.30-11.00 Discussion:

11.00-11.30 Tommi Jantunen: On the perception of  allegedly word-like units in signed language

The talk demonstrates two experiments dealing with sign (cf. word) perception in signed language. The results of the experiments indicate that there exists a categorical difference between what the sign is argued to be in (and by) the linguistic theory and what the sign actually appears to be on the basis of perceptual experiments. Consequences of this conflict are outlined.

11.30-12.00 Discussion

12.00-13.00 LUNCH

13.00-13.30 Philip Dean: Digital photography, perception  and colour management

Long White Cloud

13.30-14.00 Discussion: Reproduction of colours

14.00-14.30 Antti Raike and Jyrki Messo:  Results of colour naming test

14.30-15.00 Discussion:

15.00-15.30 BREAK

15.30-16.00 Lauri Ahonen: Lessons of eye-tracking

The speech will present the foundation of the eye tracking. The basic physiology behind the eye movements will be introduced but focus is in the today’s eye tracking methods. Examples of the existing systems for eye tracking will also be listed

16.00-16.30 Discussion

16.30-17.00 Conclusion

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Read the paper of the second day before the second symposium session, please: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Users’ Perceptions of a Webpage: With a Focus on the Cognitive Styles of Chinese, Koreans and Americans


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2 Responses to “VIPP symposium 2010: Seeing Red, second day 14.1.2010”

  1. Markus Joutsela Says:

    I think seeing red is not connected with where the eyes fixate. Same effect happens when you walk in a supermarket you see and notice colours even when you are not looking directly at them. wide-gaze-effect

  2. Markku Reunanen Says:

    A nice day it was with interesting presentations – sorry that I used time way past my allocated timeslot 🙂 Maybe this particular day was a bit of mixed bag with presentations from very different disciplines, but at least I learnt a new thing or two.

    You need to be careful with the inferences you draw from the eye tracking tests: color was only one aspect of the images. Shape, contrast and figure/ground play equally important role in directing the gaze. A thought: in addition to the hotspots, would it be possible to utilize also the trajectories of the eyes?